Tuesday, Freshman

I am making them write poems 

I am making them spill beans 

I am making them pinch their lips 

I am making them learn to whisper

I am making them fake good work 

I am making them grit their teeth

You do not need to sit in the corner 

Move that seat 

Get off that desk

Get that rubber band from around your head 

What is in your mouth 

Don’t put that retainer on my desk 

Show me your poem 

Show me your hands

Get off the floor 

No, you cannot order McDonald’s

Why are you screaming

Put your shoes back on 

You do not need sit in the corner 

You want to sit in the corner 

Who told you to hide 

Who told you tuck yourself 

I am making you untuck 

I am making you sit in the middle

Sit where I can see you 

I can see you