sundai johnson

I once said that I like tomatoes because they complicate our understanding of what a fruit is. I think this to be most of my life's work--agitating and, subsequently, defying assumptions.

While I wary of tying my work to a too- tight description, it is preoccupied mostly with moments that reveal these complexities. Concerning itself also with intersections of historical and socio-cultural structures that might manifest within identity. Mediums such as poetry, creative non-fiction and fiction are podiums of this work, yet concept-based project work and creative direction are 'newcomer' explorations.

I seek for my work to exist simultaneously as an outward form of introspection and a tool for [self] advocacy.  In my continued growth as a writer and creative, I seek also to heed the voice of my work that screams for my skin to break in defiance--like that of a tomato.

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